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About Us

We are an Affiliate program that acts as a great virtual business network in the Mexican Gambling market.

It is a great opportunity to become a promoter and disseminator of our products and brand in exchange for an attractive commission. One of our main purposes is to have quality affiliates where both parties benefit by publicizing our brand to the target audience.

In our affiliate program you create an account with a username to have access to the different sales and advertising tools available, with which you will be able to periodically control and manage your results in a transparent way.

About Wintown
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Reasons to affiliate

The most important thing is the opportunity to earn money easily and independently.

By simply running a single ad, the Affiliate can reach thousands of consumers and will have numerous chances for the referral to become a registration. And each time this happens, you will receive a percentage of the value of the net earnings.

In other words, success depends only on your own efforts: the harder you work, the greater your chances of benefiting!

But the benefits of the Wintown Affiliate Program don't stop there! In fact, the system has a number of very attractive factors for those who want to start to benefit online.

About Wintown


We have the largest and most popular casino game providers in the world.

Live dealer electronic table games that include: blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, Caribbean poker, among others.

Video bingo from the most successful providers in the Mexican market.

We have virtual registration and payment processes complemented by security procedures for documentation and transactions.

Casino Products


We have the most important providers of interactive slot machines at a national and international level. This allows us to have the widest range of slots in the entire Mexican market.


The largest variety of games from the most recognized providers in the industry.


From roulette, to blackjack, not forgetting craps, baccarat, many types of poker, and some other types of table games. We have a unique diversity in card games and the like.


Live dealers allow to place bets in real casinos and studios. Real-time interactions with dealers from many regions of the world in Spanish and English.

Universo Strendus

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Sportsbook Online, Complete coverage of all sporting events worldwide with the best betting lines and the largest variety of markets and types of bets available.

This combined with secure registration processes and all virtual payment methods in the Mexican market, make us the best option for any SportsBook online.

SportsBook Products


Pre-Game offers in all professional leagues worldwide and collegiate in the United States.


All betting markets in thousands of live events nationally and internationally with the best odds of the moment.


Bets on world-renowned tournaments to determine which team will win or the correct scores. This type of bet generates great interest in connoisseurs of team sports.

Number of Players Percentage of net income
1-10 Players 30%
11-30 Players 35%
31-50 Players 40%
50 y más Players 45%


You receive continuous benefits if your players keep playing. It's as simple as this: the more people you register, the more likely it is that users will play and generate profits.

Receive between 30% and 45% of the net profits generated by the plays of your registrations. We also have hybrid commission schemes, if you require more information or details, please e-mail us to our contact address.


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